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Holbrook MCSC AGM

Posted on January 22, 2013 at 7:45 PM

The Annual General Meeting for Holbrook MCSC will be held on Feb 12,  2013 at the Holbrook CTC at 7pm. All members are welcome. All committee positions will be declared vacant, and nominations will be gladly accepted.

We would like to encourage as many members as possible to please come along. We really need some people to put their hands up and join the committee and become active in the club. Holbrook loves hosting and running events, but with committee numbers dwindling, and less hands to help run events, we are just not able to justify committing to host. All our juniors are no longer juniors and will be off adventuring, working and studying this year, so we have very few able to step into vacated positions. If the club wants to move forward, and get back to running a whole range of brilliant events, we need new blood an quite a bit of it ...can you help?

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