Omeo ride - Dec. 2009

Holbrook - Mt. Beauty - Falls Creek - Omeo - Mt Hotham - Bright - Holbrook

Barb & Bill together with Brian left Holbrook for an overnight stay at Omeo (and a catch up with old friends) via the newly sealed Bogong High Plains road. B & B riding a BMW R1200RT and Brian riding his newly purchased Honda ST1300. Leaving around 1.30pm we headed via Kiewa Valley Highway and Redbank Road for Mt Beauty where we filled the bellies with a cuppa and cream filled delicacies.  From Mt Beauty we scaled the hill to Falls Creek, a great ride any time, and continued along the Bogong High Plains road. Very picturesque, perfect weather and little traffic. Bill was not too keen on the High Plains road due to loose gravel in places. Brian did not seem to mind at all. At the intersection with the Omeo Highway we turned left to visit the cemetary at Glen Willis, just a short distance past the end of the bitumen. After a quick look see and much waving of the hands (bloody flies) we headed back towards Omeo.

Several other riders out and about in this area, and who could blame them. We rode past the Blue Duck Inn, enjoyed the sweeping bends in the road and arrived at Omeo before 6pm. We checked into the Hilltop Hotel and waited for our friends to arrive.

Alan and Helen were riding a BMW R1200GS with a group of other GS riders that had travelled the previous day from Warragul, up to Jindabyne for the night, and then down to Omeo via Kiandra, Khancoban and Tom Groggin. This group drifted into Omeo about half an hour after us. Tired and dirty, but happy. After a late dinner B & B and Alan & Helen wandered down the street in search of a cup of coffee and finished up at the Golden Age, where several of the GS group were staying. Here Bill caught up with a ‘friend of a friend’ and reminisced about enduro riding 30 years ago. Trudging back up the hill we then retired for the night.

Next morning saw us up bright and early, although we had to wait till 8am for breakfast to be served. After much laughter and hot food we packed up and headed down the hill to fuel up for the ride home. Many bikes in the street, many road bikes arriving from Mt Hotham direction and many dirt bikes arriving from the opposite direction. Servo was really busy. Word went around that an unmarked police car was in the vicinity so all eyes were peeled. After saying our goodbyes (GS bikes heading down to Dargo) we headed out the road to Swifts Creek and looped around through Cassilis (very nice ride) and back onto the Great Alpine Road heading for Dinner Plain and a cuppa. Nothing open at Dinner Plain (except real estate office) so we continued to Mt Hotham. Hundreds of pushbike riders had overtaken Mt Hotham (big road ride) so we fought our way through and attempted to descend the mountain.

In the midst of this struggle with bike riders and accompanying vehicles we rode over ‘something’. Didn’t see it but sure felt it and sure enough a short distance later we had to pull over with a puncture to the rear tyre. Finding a safe place was not easy and we ended up parking on the inside corner, on the wrong side of the road, next to the armco railing. Good thing we hadn’t mouthed off out loud at the pushbike riders because they passed by us while repairs were being undertaken. Thankyou to the fellow motorcycle riders who offered us assistance. Repairs completed we were on our way again, only to be held up with lots of traffic and even had a pushbike rider overtake us on the way down. I’m sorry if this offends but I have to say it - “d***h**d”.

Harrietville was crawling with pushbike riders and their entourage so we continued onto Bright for a very nice lunch. During lunch we noticed some riders come through that had also been at Omeo the night before. We believe they did the opposite loop to us. Prior to leaving Bright we checked the tyre at the servo and continued on our way. We headed towards Myrtleford before detouring across to Rosewhite and again dropping down on to Redbank Road. Approaching the end of this road the tyre deflated again and another attempt at ‘plugging’ was undertaken. Repairs completed we headed off with Barb now a pillion behind Brian giving the damaged tyre some ‘relief’. At Wodonga more plugs were purchased, repairs made again, and we set off for home. The tyre finally had enough by the time we crested the new hill at Bowna, so Barb jumped back on the Honda for the quick trip home to return with the car. Barb then stayed with the bike on the side of the freeway while Bill returned to Holbrook to replace the tyre. Meantime Barb had a visit from the local constabulary to see if things were ok, he was assured everything was under control and a half-hour later Bill returned with rear wheel. We eventually arrived home around 6.40pm and had travelled around 630 klms. Seemed like we had been gone for a week and not just over 24 hours! 

Things we learnt: 

  1. If you think the tyre might need replacing before you leave – Do it, especially if you are riding ‘two up’. Although the puncture was in the tread and may not have made any difference if it was a new tyre fitted.
  2. Photo’s turn out pretty good while hanging off the back of the bike.
  3. There is a reason why pushbike riders get such a bad name on the road.
Thanks Barb for another terrific read - Heaps of Barb's photo's are now in an album on the Photo Gallery page
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October Long Weekend, 2009


  Bill & Barb and Phil left Holbrook around 12.30 on Saturday, in drizzle, bound for the coast via Mt Hotham. The drizzle accompanied us as far as Yackandandah where it dried up and we continued under cloud to Harrietville for a cuppa and scones.

We then tackled the climb up the mountain, on wet road, rising up into the cloud cover. Mt Hotham was heavily blanketed in cloud, temp was around 2 degrees and snow lay thickly on the roadsides. Phil found his glasses fogging up which was not the best thing to have happen. We only stopped momentarily before continuing on to Dinner Plain, where scattered snow lay on the ground, and then came out of the snow and cloud altogether before we had reached the airport. We rode in part sun part cloud cover to Omeo where upon arrival were greeted by two fellow riders from Wagga, and a shower or rain as we unpacked. We stayed at the Golden Age Motel in excellent accommodation and enjoyed a filling dinner with much laughter, and a cooked breakfast supplied in the morning.

Sunday morning we departed Omeo for Bruthen and then on to Cann River for a break at the bakery (where else). Mother Nature was at her best and provided us with beautiful sunshine to enjoy our meal outside.

After filling of the bellies and filling of the bikes we ventured up the Princes Highway to Narrabarba and rode the Mt Imlay Road back across to Rockton on the Monaro Highway (page 26 Hema Motorcycle Atlas).  Phil tried to get a photo of a lyrebird, but said bird was not obliging.  We then went on to Bombala for more refreshments.

From Bombala we headed for the coast, another great road for bikes, and into Merimbula where we stayed the night. After unpacking we headed to the Sapphire Club to watch the NRL final on the big screen for the first half and then watched the second half while having dinner in the dining area. A scrumptious meal was thoroughly enjoyed, along with the final score in the rugby (sorry Phil). A short walk back to the motel and Superbike action was observed (for those that could stay awake).

Monday morning bought cloud and eventually drizzle and the weather forecast for Thredbo was 3 degrees and snow - hmmmm! We checked out Short Point Beach before re-fuelling (saw the first police car all weekend) and headed off for Bega. We then headed for Brown Mountain (page 17 Hema) and Fred Piper Lookout. Unfortunately low cloud obscured what could have been a wonderful view and the rain that began, as we were gearing up again, made glove fitting a challenge! We continued on to Nimmitabel bakery for warming cuppas and fresh baked food. This bakery has excellent produce, to the extent that Bill found it necessary to have two apple/cream turnovers. (The handle of the fork was handy for re positioning the glove finger liners – must remember to find old knitting needle to carry with us for ‘next time’).

From Nimmitabel we took the shortcut to Jindabyne going through Dalgety. In ‘nice’ weather this would be a great ride but unfortunately we encountered a wet road and when we arrived at the ‘non bitumen section’ we found a wet, slippery, sandy road. Slow and steady was the only way – fishtailing not uncommon – for approximately 10klm’s. We were ‘tricked’ by a short section of bitumen about two-thirds along the way only to find a short section of sand at the end of the road! Well done to Bill & Phil = Bill ‘two-up’ and Phil a ‘virgin’ in those conditions. A big sigh of relief was emitted by all!  We arrived at Jindabyne in sunshine and continued on to Thredbo where dark clouds were threatening. Showers greeted us and after a quick photo opportunity we headed down the mountain to Geehi for a bum rest. More rain was moving through as we arrived at Khancoban, where we stopped at the café up the hill, and enjoyed hot drinks and hot food as a thunderstorm passed by.

From Khancoban to Holbrook we rode in welcome sunshine and arrived home around 6pm having completed 1180 klm’s.

Things we learnt:

1. Have a go!

2. Carry Something to re-position your glove finger-liner.

3. Dress for the conditions and you will be 'just fine'

4. If you see something interesting - take a photo.

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Winton 31st May 2009

31.05.09  Holbrook - Winton -Myrtleford - Holbrook

Bill & Barb, Peter and David departed around 8am in rather cool conditions (aka 4 degrees) for Winton via Howlong and Wangaratta. We were to meet up with Phil at Howlong, and sure enough there was Phil waiting for us in the bakery having 'breakfast'. We joined him for a cuppa before heading off through Rutherglen and then on to Wang and down the freeway to Winton.

We arrived at a very busy Winton racetrack - many already there and seated, and many more arriving. After paying our $30 we parked the bikes, removed the many layers and merged with the crowd. After wandering past the car display we ventured into the very, very vintage motorcycle display area. Comfort for the rider and pillion did not seem to be a priority in the old days - or are we just too soft?

Leaving the bike display we wandered down through the pits ($4 entry fee) where all manner of action was taking place and could be observed by all, and where you had to be on your toes or risk getting run over/or sworn at under muttered breath.

Leaving the pits, lunch was purchased and we sat down to observe some great racing. The sun was quite warm so we proceeded to go and sit in the shade at the 'first corner' which was a great spot. Brilliant motorcycle racing was followed by a parade of the many vintage cars in all their glory.

At 2pm B & B and Phil donned the layers of clothing again (Peter and David stayed on longer) and headed off originally for Beechworth but had a change of plans enroute and ended up at one the bakeries at Myrtleford for afternoon tea.

Leaving Myrtleford we headed south before heading across to Rosewhite and the Kiewa Valley Highway. Even though the bushfires crossed through this area it is still very beautiful and if you get the chance to ride through here you will not be disappointed. As the cloud cover had moved in and time was against us we returned home via Wodonga and the Hume Highway just as it was getting dark (aka after 5pm).

**Words and pictures by Barb Sullivan. More pictures in the Photo Gallery.**

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Austin 7 Club Historic Winton

The ever popular Austin 7 Club Historic Winton returns on the last weekend of May (30th / 31st).
This unique event at which both Historic Cars and Historic Motorcycles participate on the same programme.

This is one of the longest running annual Historic events in Australia.

Gates Open 7.00am

For more information visit

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McKillop’s Bridge 18.04 -19.04.2009




In cool conditions (8 degrees) Bill & Barb, Phil, Mick, Dave and Peter left Holbrook at 7am for a trip to McKillop’s Bridge (again).

We travelled through Yackandandah at 8am, detoured around Myrtleford and arrived at Bright around 9am for re-fuelling. It was so nice to see Mother Nature returning the landscape back to green after the horrific fires. At Harrietville there were many Triumph bikes/riders getting ready to leave (believed to have attended a RATS gathering). Prior to Mt Hotham we were overtaken by a Triumph Cruiser (2 up). We had a 5-minute break at Hotham (13 degrees) before continuing on to Omeo for a cuppa.  Leaving Omeo we noticed the Cruiser had also stopped for a break and sure enough we were overtaken again before we reached Swifts Creek. It was noticed by some of us that his ‘overtaking’ of a vehicle was in the ‘not to be desired’ category and if I had been pillion passenger he would have received a smack around the helmet for it. (Probably with a piece of 2 x 4). I can only hope his passenger arrived home in one piece.

We continued down to Bruthen and then on to Buchan where we stopped for lunch and more fuel.

At around 1.45 pm we headed off to see the bridge, arriving 3.20pm, after passing approx 6 bikes coming out and luckily no vehicles on the narrow section. One other rider, mystery man in photo, on an Aprilia arrived with us and another single rider on a Honda arrived just prior to us leaving the bridge. Both these riders had come down the Barry Way and were returning home – one to Canberra and the other to Cooma. Pity they hadn’t ridden together as they were only 5 minutes apart leaving the bridge.

We returned back up to the Barry Way (all bikes having handled the road with out incurring any problems) and then on to Buchan. From here we took the ‘back' way to Orbost, dodging a horse and grazing cattle, enjoying the corners but not the smoke from a ‘burn-off’ and arrived at Orbost just after dark. (Phil’s next job is to adjust his headlights so they shine in the vicinity of the road).

We stayed at the Orbost Club Hotel and enjoyed a very filling dinner along with the usual full-of-it waffling. Rain fell through the night and daylight bought drizzle and wet roads.

We fuelled up at Orbost before leaving, at a moderate speed, for Cann River and breakfast. Well what can I say about breakfast – Phil, I don’t know where you put it all.

From Cann River we rode through low cloud/drizzle all the way to Nimmitabel where we stopped for a warming cuppa. Several other riders were out and about in the not so pleasant weather as well. We continued on to Cooma for more fuel, where wet gloves were changed for dry ones and soggy boots just stayed soggy. Just before Berridale we finally struck dry road surface and could finally do what we do best. At Thredbo a decision was made to continue on down to Khancoban for sustenance and fuel for those that needed it. As usual this is a very nice section of road to ride and traffic was light, which is a bonus. By the time we reached the Murray 1 Power Station viewing area it was time to strip of some of the gear while waiting for the Mick and Phil to catch up.

Arriving at Khancoban Mick fuelled up and headed for home – no doubt with very uncomfortable wet feet, while the rest of us had another cuppa and some warm food. Already seated at the servo were 3 lads who were heading back to Sydney that night on their bikes. Leaving after 3pm and traveling back through Batlow I hate to think what time they would be getting home. After the filling of the bellies was completed we headed for home – Peter and Dave taking off, leaving Phil, Bill and Barb to bring up the rear - we arrived back at Holbrook at 5.23pm. We had covered around 1200 klms, a little stiff and sore but happy to achieve it.

NOTE:  Things we learnt –

Have your headlight adjusted correctly – just in case.

Have spare gloves (or genuine waterproof ones).

Have spare footwear (or genuine waterproof ones) or plastic bags if all else fails. &

Have a sleeping mask to cut out unwanted light while trying to sleep.

**Thanks as always to Barb Sullivan for her words and pictures.


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Tantangara Reservoir 05.04.2009


In fresh, slightly cloudy, morning air Bill and Barb departed at 8am for Tumut via Rosewood/Green Hills. The logging road has re-opened through here after road works. At 10am after enjoying a cuppa at McCafe (Heritage Café was closed) we proceeded up the Snowy Mountains Highway, passing the scenic Blowering Reservoir and many kangaroos grazing on the hillside. Continuing on we climbed the hill where the temperature has a habit of dropping somewhat, and luckily, there was very little wind.

We reached Kiandra, where the wind was picking up, the temperature was around 12 degrees and mostly sunny. We scanned the roadside information boards before continuing on to the turnoff for Tantangara Reservoir. To reach the Reservoir we travelled along a gravel road for 18 klms. We could comfortably sit on 60 kph for most of this road. Hard to imagine that the water flowing out the bottom of the dam is the mighty Murrumbidgee River. Returning to the main road an executive decision was made to turn left and continue on to Adaminaby.


At Adaminaby we had lunch, along with a couple of other riders, in the café (the bakery was shut).

Leaving around 1.30pm we headed off towards Cooma, bypassing Berridale shortcut, before turning right to head back towards Jindabyne. Here we refuelled. From Jindabyne we encountered traffic – mountain bikers from Thredbo and ‘The Man From Snowy River Bush Festival people’ from Corryong. We also ‘met’ two kangaroos right at Tom Groggin corner. Luckily we were traveling slowly and the roos moved off into the bush. Between Geehi and Khancoban we noticed many diesel spills on certain corners – sure enough someone forgot to put their fuel cap back on after filling up at Khancoban. The fuel cap is sitting on diesel pump at servo.


We enjoyed a warming cuppa at Khancoban before setting off around 4.30pm for the last leg home.

Before reaching the main Corryong turn-off we had a ‘moment’ where an oncoming 4WD decided to turn right just up the road from us and at the last minute changed his mind and ended up half in our lane and half in his. We braked, we were not sure what he was going to do, but managed to safely get by (muttering under our breaths). At the main Corryong intersection we got caught up in heavy traffic but managed to overtake and continue on.

Before reaching Walwa we viewed the aftermath of rain run-off from last weeks storms. In a couple of places the water had crossed the road. Arriving at Jingellic we came up behind a 4WD, and a cattle truck that was spewing ‘pee soup’ continuously from the trailer. The 4WD overtook the truck but we kept a respectable distance (although received several spots on visors etc). Luckily at the Jingellic Rd turnoff the truck continued on towards Tumbarumba.


We arrived home just before 6pm and (darkness) having travelled 654 klms tired but happy.

***More of Barb's photos on the Photo Gallery.

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Corryong 8.03.2009

Holbrook – Walwa – Corryong –   1. Cabramurra – Tumbarumba   or  2. Granya Gap – Jingellic


Once again a beautiful morning beckoned (the only good thing about the drought) and 7 bikes and 11 riders / passengers set off for morning tea at Corryong.

Phil took his Royal Enfield for a run (average speed 90 kph) and this enabled some of us to smell the roses along the way instead of whizzing by in a blur. At the outskirts of Walwa, a ‘big grey’ was standing in the shade on the edge of the road having breakfast. He stayed where he was while most of us rode past, but when Phil arrived the noise was too much and he moved off. At Walwa we had a ‘rest’ and some had the obligatory light up while waiting for Phil to arrive. Phil arrived, disembarked, removed his helmet and it was then suggested he go on ahead of us and we would catch up – so Phil put his helmet back on, got on his bike and rode off.


Arriving at Corryong (Phil got there 5 mins before the rest of us) we enjoyed the usual cuppa and conversation at the bakery (very busy). From Corryong Bill&Barb and Phil detoured to Cabramurra while the rest rode to Granya Gap, back along River Road and had lunch at Jingellic.


Phil refuelled at Corryong before heading off at 11.15am over the hill and up to Cabramurra with Bill & Barb. As usual this was a beautiful ride, not much traffic, and Bill & Barb stopped at Tumut Pond Reservoir to wait for Phil. The water level is way down in the reservoir. Several bikes crossed the pond wall while we were there. After 15 – 20 mins we rode up the hill from the wall and were entertained by ‘Swifts’ flying along with us.


Cabramurra was fairly quiet and about 18 degrees – so not too cold. We enjoyed lunch of hamburgers and egg/bacon rolls and purchased some warm clothing for the coming months. A fellow ‘ambo’ from Hay recognised Phil and they had a quick chat. Phil’s Royal Enfield also drew some attention from fellow diners.


After a tour around Cabramurra we headed down to Tumbarumba. On the way we were overtaken by a lone rider, who had crossed the dam wall going in the opposite direction (when we were there) who fair scared the daylights out of me (although we were only doing about 90 kph) when he seemingly ‘flew’ past us on his return trip. Phil had been watching from behind and said our bike veered to the left when we were overtaken (probably me jumping out of my skin). At Tumbarumba we enjoyed a cuppa in the café surrounded by bears. From Tumba we headed out past Mannus and returned back home along Jingellic Road where we rode past a rather big snake sunning itself on the road.


We arrived home around 5pm and had covered 350 klms.

*** More pictures of this ride in the photo gallery. Thanks Barb!***

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Falls Creek Ride, 22 Feb 2009

Holbrook - Yackandandah - Myrtleford - Bright - Falls Creek - Mt Beauty - Walwa - Holbrook

An absolutely beautiful morning for a ride, temperature wise, Bill & Barb and Peter headed off at 8.30 for Falls Creek.
First stop was Wodonga for Peter to fuel up and then onto Yackandandah and down to Myrtleford for a cuppa. Between Yack and Myrtleford we rode through the devastation left behind from the bushfire. This was gut wrenching to say the least. Amazing to see how some properties remained standing while others were totally destroyed. It is impossible to imagine what it was like for the residents to endure this fire.
Arriving at Myrtleford we enjoyed a cuppa and watched the many other riders out and about. From Myrtleford we headed to Bright, then over the Gap Rd down to Mt. Beauty and proceeded up the hill to Falls Creek. On the way up we passed a couple of blokes dressed in leathers - but no motorcycle in sight only a car. It was surmised (after we came back down) that they were in fact riding "luge" down the road. May be wrong in that but if they were, then would hate to meet a 4WD on a corner. Falls Creek as usual was very pleasant - fresh and cool air, and lots of construction going on. Will be great when the road sealing is finished and we can do a 'loop' to Omeo and come back via Mt Hotham.

Leaving Falls Creek we arrived back at Mt Beauty for lunch. Very, very quiet at the cafe - but service and food, as usal, very good. Fuelling up we then headed back along Redbank Rd and again passed through some burnt farm land (smoke still rising out of hills). We passed by Tallangatta and on to Shelley where we checked out the old railway station (Peter hadn't seen) and then down the bitumen/dirt road to Walwa. The temperature reached 33 degrees on the low country, but riding near Shelley it was a very pleasant 28 degrees. Definitely feel the difference in the air temp. From Walwa we headed home along Jingellic Road arriving back at Holbrook around 5pm. We had covered 500 klms.

*** Thanks again Barb. More pics of this ride in the photo gallery***
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Jenolan Caves ride, 24 -26 January 2009

Seeing there weren't enough takers for the McKillop's Bridge ride, Bill & Barb couldn't see a long weekend wasted, and took off to Jenolan Caves for the weekend. Here's Barb's report. Also head over to the photo gallery for some excellent pictures of the weekend.

Holbrook - Gunning - Wombeyan Caves - Jenolan Caves - Oberon - Kanangra Wall - Bathurst - Cowra - Wagga

Around 8am on Saturday Jan 24th Bill & Barb and Phil, left Holbrook for the Jenolan Caves. The weather was quite mild and sunny, although the wind increased markedly as the day progressed. We headed up the highway for our first break at Yass McCafe, which was packed. After filling our bellies we proceeded to Gunning where we turned off the highway and onto Crookwell where we refuelled. It was very windy along this stretch of road. From Crookwell we rode along bitumen/mainly gravel to Taralga, and then detoured to the Wombeyan Caves just out of Taralga. This also was mainly gravel. When we reached the cave area at the bottom of the hill, Phil found his rear tyre going flat. After our own flat tyre a couple of weeks ago we were now better prepared with small compressor, better plug and glue too. After repairing the tyre we ate lunch before wandering around to have a look see.

The plug seemed to have worked so we left the caves area at 2.45pm and headed back up the hill where we came across a lady who had rolled her car. Phil, being an ambo, gave her a check over, the police etc were called and we waited with her until the services arrived. Her partner had arrived before we got there. She was going to his farm down the road and had moved over for another vehicle when she lost control hit the brakes and rolled. At least one broken rib but was to go to hospital for x-rays. 75 mins later and we were on our way again. Joining up on the main road again we headed for Oberon, a very nice ride, and had cooling drinks before the short trip (where car in front had an almost close encounter with kangaroo) to Jenolan Caves. Upon arrival we found the place was buzzing. 2 large groups had booked in for the night - one was a birthday group and the other was HOG riders from Sydney (about 30 bikes). After a mediocre meal we had a wander around just as dark was setting in. Our rooms were very nice, although basic and expensive. Breakfast was $15 continental or $21 cooked and was enjoyed in the large dining room.

After we checked out, we hiked up the hill to Carlotta Arch and then down through the Devils Coach House, we were buggered already - zillions of steps - and then had a cooling drink before embarking on the Imperial Diamond Tour (1.2 klms, 418 steps and 1.5 hours long). Worth every cent! The water in the river at the bottom of the cave looks to be only a couple of feet deep max but is in fact 9 - 12 feet deep. After the tour, which finished at noon, we had lunch while waiting for the road north to re-open. It is closed from 11.45am to 1.15pm to allow buses to come down - although one bus came in before the allotted time and one came in while we were heading out.
Leaving the caves we headed up to Hampton then turned left at the Great Western Highway for Donnybrook where we refuelled. From here we left the highway and travelled past Lake Lyall, Tarana and back to Oberon where we stayed the night. Bill wanted to check out the Kanangra Wall but as it was on a gravel road Phil didn't want to push his luck with his tyre so he stayed at Oberon while we went to the Wall. Very beautiful scenery, more walking, and lots of dust. Also encountered a wallaby just out of car park area and a kangaroo while travelling back to Oberon on main road. 
Monday morning was foggy and cooler (lovely) but fog had lifted 5 mins out the road towards Bathurst. Again encountered kangaroo on side of road and was a bit 'hairy' when he turned and started jumping along the side of the road in the same direction as us. We arrived in Bathurst and headed out to Mt Panorama for look see and a ride around the track. We did one circuit - took photos as we were riding along. The next lap we followed and filmed Phil in movie mode, and the final lap we did in reverse alo filming Phil. We then checked out the museum there.

About 11.30 we again hit McCafe, where Phil had breakfast and we had a cuppa. Leaving Bathurst we travelled to Cowra - getting hotter - and stopped for drinks and bum rest. Then on to Young - bloody hot - more drinks and ice cream, through Cootamundra and Junee and eventually Wagga - really, really hot. More drinks and rest. 37 degrees on bike thermometer. Finally arrived home around 5.30pm. Over 1200 klms

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Bill and Barb's Excellent Adventures.

Seeing there wasn't enough starters to get the McKillop's Bridge ride away this Australia Day weekend, Barb has sent in a couple of reports and some pictures to show you  what you've missed out on. Then maybe we can organise a ride down that way later in the season (when the weather is cooler and a bit more stable perhaps!)

27.12.08 – 30.12.08


Holbrook, Frankston, Traralgon South, Aberfeldy, Licola, Buchan, Gelantipy, McKillops Bridge, Jindabyne, Holbrook

Leaving home at 7.30am we headed to Howlong (skirting some storms), onto Wangaratta and then Whitfield where we donned the wet gear. Riding up the mountain we passed 2 police motorcyclists (not together) in slight drizzle and onto Mansfield where we refuelled and had a cuppa. Mansfield was packed with 4WD’s.


Leaving Mansfield the sun was shining and the traffic was increasing. We stopped at Lilydale for lunch and then headed down the new freeway to Frankston. We enjoyed a cuppa and conversation with family and then headed off to Korumburra, Trafalgar (tea) and eventually Traralgon South to stay with Alan and Helen.


The next morning we rode to Aberfeldy with Alan to have a look see. A very enjoyable ride although we had to dodge other riders and the odd 4WD that did not want to move over, and a police car too. Had a cuppa at Erica and after lunch we visited friends at Morwell and then returned to Traralgon South for a bbq that evening with old friends. Good food, good memories and old photo’s to ooh and aah over.


Monday morning was overcast and threatening rain but we headed off to Licola with Alan and picked up Ray at Toongabbie. This became a beautiful ride in sunshine. Glenmaggie Weir is full and must be one of the only ones in Victoria that is. After visiting Licola we headed to Heyfield, where after a cuppa Alan and Ray headed home and we headed up the highway to Buchan (lunch) and eventually Gelantipy (where we stayed). After checking in at our accommodation we headed off to see McKillop’s Bridge. Quite spectacular. Roughly an hour to get down to the bridge from the main road: but most definitely worth it. Not a lot of traffic at that time of day, which was good as the road can be quite narrow in places with a steep drop off. We checked out the gorge and waterfall on the way back up. Arriving back at our accommodation a roast meal was awaiting for us. All meals are shared with guests and owners at one long table, which makes for interesting conversation. The owner knows people at Korumburra that Bill also knows.


Tuesday morning was wet and blustery early on, but when we left at 9am the sun was shining again. We headed up the Barry Way to get a quick photo of Seldom Seen. Continuing up the road (which is quite narrow in places) we passed through some beautiful scenery, eventually coming down alongside the Snowy River near the Vic/NSW border.

We stopped at Jindabyne for lunch, crowded, and met a couple that had ridden down from Emerald in Qld. We refuelled and headed onto Thredbo. Extremely windy and threatening rain along with the temperature beginning to plummet. Riding through Thredbo itself it started to drizzle (low cloud) and we were soon engulfed in fog and temperatures that got below 7 degrees. We came out of the fog at the snow line but could see bad weather ahead of us. Around this time we came up behind a 4WD towing a caravan (road not suitable for caravans – der) and eventually overtook them. The drizzle got heavier but we did not stop to put wet gear pants on because we did not want to get caught behind the caravan again. We arrived at Khancoban for a warming cuppa and donned the wet pants before leaving as heavier rain was coming. We skirted some of the rain but eventually came out the other side into the sunshine again near Walwa.

We arrived home safe and sound and started washing our clothes as we had planned to head back out again on Thursday to continue the road past McKillop’s Bridge.

01.01.09 – 02.01.09


Holbrook, Mitta, Benamra, McKillop’s Bridge, Bonang, Orbost, Cann River, Nimmitabel, Cooma, Cabramurra, Rosewood

Again leaving at 7.30am we headed for Albury (refueled), Tangambalanga, Mitta and then along the dirt/bitumen road to Anglers Rest, and then detoured to Benambra for lunch. From here we headed directly across to Wulgulmerang on the Barry Way along a dirt road, which was not too bad, although very dusty. We left the Barry Way at 2pm and crossed the Bridge at 2.45pm (didn’t seem to take as long this time) and continued along the dirt road alongside the Deddick River. Very beautiful scenery through here and apparently lots of wild dogs as 9 were hanging on a fence near the end of this road. We came out at Bonang about an hour later looking for a rest and a nice cuppa. Unfortunately the only store at Bonang was shut and it was 90 klm’s to Orbost. We had no choice but to continue on. Really good road for bikes but because we needed a rest and cuppa we didn’t enjoy it as much as some other bikers did. We arrived at Orbost late in the afternoon and had to stay at the pub, as the 2 motels were full. We enjoyed a lovely Chinese/aust meal and the rain fell while we were eating.


As the pub didn’t serve breakfast, and we were woken at 5.30 by a street sweeper, we left around 7am for Cann River and breakfast. It was quite cool so when we left Cann River we donned the balaclavas and by the time we had climbed to the top of the plateau we stopped to put on the wet pants, neck warmer and thermal gloves to stay warm. It was windy as anything too. We pulled in to Nimmitabel for a warming cuppa, before heading to Cooma and Adaminaby. Traffic was starting to thicken up along the Snowy Mountains Highway. We turned off at Kiandra to Mt Selwyn and came down the dirt road into Cabramurra. Here we again met the people from Emerald and had a very enjoyable lunch with them. From Cabramurra we travelled down the Elliott Way to Tumbarumba. I had almost fallen asleep on the back of the bike (closed my eyes at least twice) before reaching Tumbarumba so had a pit stop to waken up a bit. We then stopped at Karen and Mick’s at Rosewood before continuing on home only to be detoured less than 1klm from the town boundary as a truck carrying paper had caught fire on the highway. We finally arrived home around 5pm tired and cured of any further thoughts of bike rides for the next week at least. We covered just under 3,000 klms in a week.


- Barb Sullivan

**thanks to Barb for both words and pictures**

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Tumut ride 18 January 2009

Holbrook – Tumut - Holbrook



Greg, Paul, Brett & Lou and Bill & Barb met at 8am at Mobil for a morning ride to Tumut and back before it got too hot. Phil Cox was also at Mobil and after talking to Bill & Barb was no doubt wishing he could come too – hopefully he has been talked into coming next week for the 3 day ride to McKillops Bridge.


Leaving Holbrook just after 8am we headed out the Jingellic Road in fresh morning air and beautiful sunshine. We then journeyed to Tumbarumba, where Paul refueled, and then onto Batlow and eventually Tumut. Hardly any other bikes out and about, just a couple of rabbits and echidna, and lots of apples etc on the trees.


Eventually finding parking spaces for the bikes in Tumut we enjoyed a cuppa at the Heritage Café. Conversation centered on the Dakar Rally and the Long Way Down that are currently showing on TV, but also side tracked to Brett &Lou and the ‘teabag incident’.


Leaving Tumut we travelled back to Batlow along the Old Tumbarumba Rd. At Batlow, Paul and Brett & Lou refueled. From Batlow we travelled to Rosewood and detoured out to Glenroy before joining the main road again at Mannus.


We returned home along Jingellic Road, Bret & Lou turned off at Annandale Rd, and arrived back in Holbrook around 1pm having covered over 330 kms. The temperature in the hills was very pleasant, but significantly warmer on the flats.

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McKillop's Bridge Road Ride Details.

Looking for something fun to do on the Australia Day long weekend? Bill and Barb's Excellent Adventures have confirmed details for the McKillops Bridge ride:

"Leave Saturday morning, go to Gelantipy via Omeo and Buchan, overnight at Gelantipy. Sunday do 4WD tour,most of day, then go down to Orbost or Cann River for the night. Monday head home via Cann Valley Hwy to Bombala and Cooma then home.
There will be no dirt roads this way. Please advise if you are a starter as we may have to book ahead soon!"

If you are interested in this ride please contact Bill at Holbrook Mowers and Chainsaws, or email him at [email protected]
as bookings for the accommodation will need to made ahead of time.

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Road Rides, 2009

Who's up for a challenge in 2009? Bill & Barb (now known as Bill & Barb's Excellent Adventures) are looking for expressions of interest in the following ride:

"Two day ride in the new year to McKillops Bridge and Little River Gorge more info here   Will ride up on the Saturday via Omeo stop at Buchan or Gelantipy overnight which is 50 km up the Buchan Jindabyne rd. Check out the bridge on the way home on Sunday.

There is about 130 km of sand road on this ride, about 50km down to the bridge and back up to the main rd and 80km on the Jindabyne rd back to NSW. I have ridden some this rd and it was quite good at the time.


If you where not keen on the extra sand rd you could go back via Omeo or via Bombala and Cooma, less sand but longer.


Bridge is around 280 mts long.


Any starters?"


Bill has also found an alternative for those of us that are unable to tackle that much dirt / sand on our roadbikes:


"Another option you can add for the  McKillop's Bridge trip is to go the bridge by 4wd from the place we can stay at Gelantipy see here  this may turn it into a 3 day trip. Karoonda Park is the place we would stay."

As usual, contact Bill via Holbrook Mowers and Chainsaws for more information.